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Pre-orders are now open for my book, Vitamins and Minerals 101: How to Get the Nutrients You Need on Any Diet.

(And right now it includes a free copy of my COVID Guide!)

In a light, fun, and entertaining way, this book covers why each nutrient is important to your health, how to know if you have too little, too much, or the wrong balance with other nutrients, how to get it from food, and when you should think about supplementing.

I wrote this book to satisfy the popular demand of the students in my free Vitamins and Minerals 101 course. Just under 12,000 people have taken this course, and it has proven to be loved both by complete newbies and nutrition professionals alike. The newbies love that it is free of technical jargon and explained with simplicity. Health and nutrition professionals love getting a simple review of things they forgot long ago, and the highly relevant nuggets of nutritional wisdom that they never learned before that are hidden in each lesson. 

What Others Are Saying

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Meet the Author

My name is Chris Masterjohn. I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, and I served as Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College for just under three years before I started teaching independently.

I created the free Vitamins and Minerals 101 course, and, because my students demanded it, I turned it into a book.

The Book Is Far More Than the Class

The book has turned out to be far more than the class. In addition to a chapter on each nutrient, it has explanations of how to figure out how much we need, a critique of the RDAs and daily values, my own mix-and-match system for making simple dietary plans that meet our needs for all the nutrients, and how to adapt the plan to all kinds of dietary approaches and ways of eating.

The Book Will Be in Three Formats

The book will be in three formats: paperback, ebook (Kindle, iBook, etc), and audio.

When Will the Book Be Ready? Why Pre-Order?


I do not have a release date yet. I am spending the rest of the year working full-time on it with my hope to have it in your hands before the end of the year, but I will not estimate a release date until the ink starts printing the paper because I don't want to make promises I might not be able to keep.

Why pre-order it?

Almost 6,0000 people have pre-ordered it so far, and there are three great reasons to do so:

  • Get "The Food and Supplement Guide for the Coronavirus" for free, which otherwise sells for $9.99.
  • Immediately upon pre-ordering, you get free lifetime access to premium features of the Vitamins and Minerals 101 course that will otherwise cost $30. Right now these features include having all the lessons in one place in both text and PDF format, the ability to keyword search across the lessons and easily skip to what you want by clicking the links between sessions, and a private forum hosted on my web site that I try to participate in five days a week. Once the book is done, I will be rolling out quizzes. In the future, I'll continue to add new features that are in popular demand. Pre-ordering the book now is the only way to get these features at all, and locks in permanent access to these features for free.
  • The book will come out sooner! Pre-orders help me focus on the book instead of other ways to keep income rolling in.

Here are your options:

Kindle/iBook/PDF $15 This option is excellent if you like your books portable, so you can have them anywhere as long as you have your phone with you, and if you like to take notes by highlighting, making digital annotations, and screenshotting.

Audio $15 This option is excellent if you are very time-crunched and like to consume information while you are doing other necessary chores that don't occupy too much mental space, such as commuting, washing dishes, cleaning, or working out.

Digital Bundle (Kindle/iBook/PDF and Audio) $25 (save $5) This option is perfect if you are efficiency-minded. You can get familiar with the information using the audio while multi-tasking, and then you can use the Kindle/iBook/PDF version to keyword search for things you listened to or to make notes when you have more time to focus on it.

Paperback $15 now, pay shipping later (most likely $5.85), and, if you live in New York, pay sales tax later (8-8.875%). This option is exactly what you need if nothing beats the smell and feel of real paper, if having a tangible product to physically see exactly where you are helps you keep mentally organized, and if your preferred way of taking notes is little stickies. Just pay the $15 now, and when it's ready to ship I will collect your address and you'll pay any relevant shipping and tax.

Complete Bundle (Kindle/iBook/PDF, Audio, and Paperback) $35 now (save $10), plus, for the paperback, pay shipping later (most likely $5.85), and, if you live in New York, pay sales tax later (8-8.875% on the cost of the paperback, including shipping). This option is perfect if you are someone like me. Generally I do everything I described above, but I start with the familiarity of an audio book and graduate through the Kindle book ultimately to the paperback if I know what I'm reading is so valuable that I will want to read it a second time and to intensely study the paper itself and leave all my notes in color-coded stickies.

Remember, even though this is a pre-order, you get immediate free access to my COVID Guide and to highly valuable premium features, that otherwise cost more than any of these books! Your support will enable me to get the book done more quickly, and at the premium quality you expect. And once I'm done, I can move on even more quickly to the next big thing I'll knock your sock off with! I promise, my gratitude is extreme for any support you offer to this project.

Yours in the pursuit of vibrant health,

Important! Make sure to select which format you want using the drop-down menu when making your purchase.